Saturday, February 28, 2015

“Unlearning the Myths that Bind Us” by Linda Christensen.

   For this week I would like to do a reflection on the article “Unlearning the Myths that Bind Us” by Linda Christensen. After reading this article I can see why Dr. Bogad said that, when this class is over I will not be the same person, boy was she right!!
Dr. Bogad was like...

   Since I was a little girl I had loved Disney movies, I enjoyed that feeling that you get when watching those movies, princess finding their prince charming. Aww that happily ever after…. good wining over evil, blah blah blah… and as I got older I saw Disney movies as a great influence in children, because I thought that they did a great job teaching kids about good and bad.  I didn’t know the negative effect Disney movies has on children. Until now I had never pay attention to the actual message this movie were sending (shame on me, I know right?)  Disney gives this portrayal of unreachable beauty. 
I found this picture  in article posted in blogger. It clearly how unrealistic the Disney Princesses compared to how women actually look like. 

In the article Christensen talk about how in those movie children learned that woman are passive, men are strong and people of color are either evil or absent.  It wasn’t until I saw the most current Disney movie Frozen that I saw how I got played by Disney.  People are saying that with the new movie frozen Disney is trying to change the imagine people have of them. In the movie Disney tell that a woman doesn’t need a man to be happy, that she can take care of herself, and I congratulate Disney for that but, in the whole movie I dint saw one person of color. I guess ones can argue that at least they are trying but one question that I would like to bring to class is are they trying hard enough? 

Point to share:  I think that as future teacher is our job to teach our student that all this stereotype does exit. Also we should teach them to speak out when they don’t like something.  I feel that the more we point out all this stereotypes, the more we raise awareness things will become more obvious to others, and the “culture in power” will force to make changes. We are already seeing how Disney are being force to make changes with the movie of Frozen.

P.S. I adore Olaf  
This little guy is adorable  


  1. Great job with your post this week! I LOVE the Olaf picture you added at the bottom! Frozen's my favorite new Disney film :)

  2. I totally agree with you when you said Dr. Bogad would change us, same for me! I also loved the picture you used! Nice work :)

  3. Hey Ana! I loved your blog and wrote an extended commentary on it. Check it out!

  4. I also agree that Dr. Bogad has and will continue to change us. I thought that you did a great job on your post and I completely agree with your talking point!

  5. I really liked the second picture you posted about the difference between real women and Disney's portrayal of women. Like you, I grew up admiring the characters from Disney movies for their upstanding personalities and actions. While the main story of most Disney flicks promotes good qualities, Christensen's article has opened our eyes to the underlying messages the creators of these films introduce into the youth of our society.

  6. I agree 100% with your point to share!

  7. Your talking point is perfection. I think we need to make students aware of stereotypes that way they can work to break them. Or to help learn the rules and codes of power.

  8. I really liked your blog. Like you I never noticed the negatives of disney because I loved all of the movies so much. Your talking point is wonderful. I agree that its really important that children learn about the culture of power.