Sunday, February 1, 2015

Lisa Delpit: The Silenced Dialogue: Power and Pedagogy in Educating Other People's Children

“I want the same thing for everyone else’s children as I want for mine”

This quote means that you as a teacher, want to educate your student the same way that you educate your own children. Even though this statement was made probably with the best intentions, as Delpit points out; “This is a very reasonable goal for people who children are already participants in the culture of power and who have already internalized its code” but how the parent of the children of color? Do they what their children to be teach the same way? Every parent have their own preference on how their child should be teach.  I know that it must be difficult to please every parent, but at least an intent should be made to understand that every student come from different social status with different aspiration.

“They want to ensure that school provides their children with discourse patterns, interactional styles, and spoken and written language codes that will allow them success in the larger society”

This quotes addressed the needs and wants that a parent of a child of color have. I agree with Delpit when she says that it is the lack of attention to this concert such a negative outcry in the black community. This quote got me thinking of the “No child left behind act.” And have raised a question in my head. If a teacher or an institution is not taking in consideration, their student background, language, race and ethnicity, how is this not leaving a child behind? We are focusing on keeping student in school and out of the streets, and this really good but in order for us to prevent students from dropping out of school. We should provide a minority-friendly schools.

“…….Because authority is earned, the teacher must consistently prove the characteristic that give her authority”

This quotes means that the teacher keeps his or her classroom under control, he or her will earn respect from their student. When children have respect from their teacher is more likely the student will be more productive in class. A good example of this is a teacher I had in high school, this teacher was one of the toughest teacher I ever had, but he was also the more respective teacher in school. He was what you call a nonsense kind of teacher but also very fair, everybody knew that they most do their work in his class. I remembered now that he used to say “I want for you guys to be a first class citizens, I want to get you ready for the real world, where their rules to follow” at that time I thought that he was an arbitrary man, but now that I’m older  I can see how right he was.


  1. I like your selected quotes and how you mentioned the No Child Behind act. When I was a junior in high school, my American history class had students of different races and backgrounds. My history teacher was very encouraging and convinced us all about why we need to stay in school. He was white and did not discriminate the students of color. It is a shame that teachers out there are still being prejudiced towards people that are not of their race. I can't wait to discuss this article in class!

  2. I liked your choice of quotes, especially the first one relating to what it means to be a teacher, and the way you explained your reasoning behind choosing them and explaining them in detail. Can't wait to talk about it in class on tuesday.

  3. The way that you specifically brought up the No child left behind act after your second quote was different and really good at the same time, it shows how much thought you put into the quotes you chose. I was definitely really interested in reading your post since you work with kids and are in the school system and your enthusiasm while writing about kids and how they should be taught shows.

  4. I loved all of the quotes you chose. They really bring out some good points from the article. I especially like what you had to say about the second quote. The way that you related it to the No Child Left Behind Act was really interesting. Lastly, I agree with the third quote you chose. I feel like it is important for the student to have respect for the teacher as well as the teacher having respect for all of their students.

  5. I really like the first quote you chose. I think it is important that all children should be educated as if they were the teacher's children. All students are important and deserve a great education, no matter what their backgrounds are.