Sunday, February 8, 2015

Jonathan KozolAmazing Grace”

This article have been so far one of the most difficult piece that had ever read. It breaks my heart knowing that people living in one of the riches country in the world, are being deprived of fundamental care. As my fellow classmate julienne it was extremely difficult to pick certain quotes and leave others behind.

 “…..then looks up looks up at me and ask politely. “Would you like a chocolate chip cookie?”

This quote may seem insignificant but, to me it shows the innocence of a child, who is growing in one of the poorest, dangerous, unsanitary and deprived environment in U.S. A child who despite his situation is offering the only treat he has. A child who is an example to follow, even though he doesn't have much, he still find on his heart to share with others.

“Either you wait for hours until someone cleans the room or else you clean the room yourself”

This quote was said by Mrs. Washington when she was explaining to the author why she doesn't like going to the hospital. This statement broke my heart, I couldn't comprehend how is this possible that a hospital doesn't have clean rooms and bed made for their patients, I felt like I was reading about a place in a third world country not about “The world’s Capital”.

“I keep waking up myself. Even if my mother isn't up, I wake up anyway. I go in her room to see if she’s asleep. If she sleeping I just see there by her bed”

This quote was said by Mrs. Washington’s son David. This quote remind me of the Delpit piece that we read last week, about how sometime children would drop out school to take care of their siblings. The article mentions that David is a high school senior. I can only imagine how difficult is most be for him to manage school and a sick mother.

A point to share; since the article was written in the 1990’s I decided to do a little research to check if thing have change since 1990’s . I found this article article according to a new census data New York remains the number one state in the nation in wealth inequality.


  1. I agree with what you said about your first quote, Ana. From reading the Kozol piece, I got the sense that Cliffie is a upbeat, kind, and generous child. It is unfortunate that kids like him across the country are born into environments where they are instantly judged negatively based on factors that don't have to do with them as people.

  2. Ana, I absolutely love your first quote. What you said is perfect. It may not seem like much but it shows the immense power and compassion of children. Its little things like this that the world needs to be aware of.