Sunday, February 22, 2015

Reflection: Safe Spaces by Vaccaro, August and Kennedy

Reflection:  Safe Spaces by Vaccaro, August and Kennedy  
First of all trying to do homework with a three year old, saying that she wants to play every five, minutes is extremely difficult.   
My Beautiful Baby Girl 

      This week blog I decided to do a reflection of the article. This article was very difficult for me to read, not because of the word but because of its message. Reading about how humans being are being deprived of their fundamental right, to freedom, to decide what they want do with their own life.  The thing that hurt me the most was my lack of knowledge in the matter. My lack of knowledge got me thinking, that as a member of the Latino community and a woman I had suffered my share of discrimination. But never had I ever been told that I cannot choose my own path that is up to society to choose for me. As a married woman who love her husband dearly, it would’ve cause an excruciating  pain  if I was told, that because of who I choose to be, I couldn't married the love of my life.

      As I continue reading the article, my three year old baby girl sits next to me, she wants to help Mami with her homework.  While I continue reading the article, l can’t help but to look at this three year old little girl coloring next to me, so smart yet so innocent. As her parent my job is to protect her from any harm and to teach her that she can be whomever she desires, that no one can’t tell her any different. But am I being realistic? Am I preparing her for the real world?  I can’t only imagine how hard it must for a parent, who has a child of the LGBT community that feels that the only option they have is to commit suicide because the felt that, they were unwanted, unwelcome.

    Point to share; yes I do agree that school has a lot to improve on how they deal with teaching kids about different type of families. But I do feel that this job belong to each and one of us, we need to stop using derogatory words towards the LGBT people. We need to be aware that we the heterosexual community are the privilege group, like Delpit said, we are the change that this world needs because, and we have the power to create a better world for our children. We have the power to say enough is ENOUGH!!!!


  1. I really enjoyed your blog post, especially your personal connections! I thought your thoughts on the entire blog were well thought out, and written extremely well. great job!

  2. I agree with you when you said the article was difficult for you to read because of its message. It was difficult for me to read for the same reason.

  3. I really liked your post. I agree the article did have a very sad message. The personal connects that you made to the article were really wonderful. I could never imagine what it would be like to have your own child commit suicide, that's heartbreaking.

  4. Thanks for sharing the grat pic of your little one... parenting her gives you a very specific context for all the issues we dicuss in class. Great post.

  5. I feel like the way that you related how you concern yourself with how this relates to your child and what would be the right or wrong way to go about it is similar to what I think about as a future teacher. What is right or wrong to be said in a classroom, as a leader with my beliefs?

  6. Your paragraph about your daughter touched my heart so much, as I question myself about these things with my son in mind. At two and three years old everything is so simple in their eyes and as their parents we never want their innocence to fade, but as they get older more of the "real world" gets introduced to them.