Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Social Justices Event

Social justices event

         On April 16 I attended a play called La Negrita Chronicles by Frania Romulus. The play was produced by a new theater company called SpeakUp Productions founded by local New England’s artists whose only mission is to give a platform to traditionally unheard voices and stories. “We believe that by changing the face of theater in Rhode Island, by giving people of color, woman, the disabled, immigrants, transfolk, or any marginalized person the platform to tell their story, we can be part of the international movement towards inclusion and justice for all”- SpeakUp Production. I believed that the production company’s mission can easily be related the article privilege power and difference written by Allen Johnson, because Johnson talks about how important is to “say the word” that we as a society, we are obligate to speak up and be part of the solution.

I went accompanied by Samantha, I was very glad that she came with me, because I had a different idea of what the place was going to look like, when we got there it caught us by surprised how modest the theater was.

      La Negrita's Chronical is a comedic satire about a young college student falls in love with a rich boy, who only uses her and treats her like a property. While dealing with an abuse relationship, she is also trying to survive in a college where being a black woman is not very welcome. The play started with La Negrita talking to her friend who was in a mental institution her friend talks about how white people have the power to control everything, if you don’t do not follow their rules you get left behind. Which this reminded me of the article by Lisa Delpit “The silenced Dialogue” because Delpit says,      there are codes or rules for participating in power; chat is, there is a "culture of power."  And also. Those with power are frequently least aware of - or least less willing to acknowledge - its existence. Those with less power are often most aware of its existence.

     During the whole play all she did was to try to fit in, but on her quest to be accepted she loses herself and started “acting white”. La Negrita is very loved by her close friends, even though they don’t agree with the way she is acting, they love and protected her. During her time in school la Negrita experienced discrimination, violent, sexual assault and exclusion by her “boyfriend” who is a member of the university hockey team and because she is a black woman her oppressor does not get punished. Which can be relate to SCWAMP, because illustrates how “whiteness” and “maleness” is very valued. Even though La Negrita goes thru all of this negative things she doesn’t stop being an optimistic person who still dream of finding love and acceptance.

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