Thursday, April 2, 2015

Pecha Kucha Update


     I was very confused on how to do Pecha Kucha , I didn't even know how to start. One of the things that worried me most how to condense  so much information since we only have less than seven minutes to do our presentation. After meeting with my partner Pat things seems more  clear, I’m glad that I have someone as smart as him as a partner. (You are awesome Pat!!!)
We are using Delpit culture of power with a little bit of Collier code-switching. We still deciding which other author we are going to add. I feel that we had accomplished a lot in such of short time.  At this point we have different stories from our services learning that we can relate to the authors and which picture we are going to use. Like I mention before there is a lot information to organized but as I study more and reread the articles the more clear things are getting. I don’t have any question for now. 

See you in class next week.

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